MaryJanice Davidson, Undead And Underwater Audiobook, Undead, Queen Betsy Novella's
`z' Undead Series, Queen Betsy Novella's 'z`
Read By ;:; Nancy Wu
`' Undead And Underwater '`
Betsy, queen of the undead, and Fred, the dour could’ve been a princess mermaid, reluctantly team up to help a mutual friend in trouble. After all, a friend in need is a friend who, well, can really test your patience because Betsy and Fred aren’t exactly BFFs. What they do have in common is the source of the problem, a man. And what’s more troubling than love?
`' Super, Girl! '`
Meet Karen Kilher, human resources representative and round the clock superhero. Born with the ability to convert anything she eats into crime fighting energy, Karen is now faced with her toughest challenge: the sexy new hire who has a mad crush on her. But how does Karen break the news that she’s more of a Wonder Woman than he can imagine? She’d better think of something fast, because letting this guy go would be a crime.
`' Crying Wolf '`
As leader of the Pack, it’s Lara Wyndham’s job to usher her breed to safety after the cataclysmic Kardashian Riots of 2025 and fend off the advances of Jack Gardner, a sexy Packer with alpha urges and a knack for getting into trouble. No matter how bad Lara wants it, she doesn’t need it. Not that intoxicating scent of his, or his talented mouth, or that perfect ass. Then again.
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