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$21.55 for  10 ' Alexandra Ivy, Guardians Of Eternity Series
 $13.55 for  5` Allyson James, Stormwalker Series

A. E. Marling, Book 1. Brood Of Bones 'The Enchantress Series'




‘A. G. Howard, Splintered Series ‘

Book 1. Splintered

Book 2. Unhinged

Book 3. Ensnared




A. J. Lape, Book 1. Grade A Stupid, Darcy Walker Series




A. J. Scudiere, God's Eye




A. L. Jackson, Book 1. Take This Regret `Take This Regret Series'



‘ A. L. Jackson ‘


When We Collide




' A. Meredith Walters, Find You In The Dark Series '
Book 1. Find You In The Dark

Book 2. Light In The Shadows




A.S. Byatt, The Children's Book




' Aaron Fletcher, Outback Series '
1. Outback
2. Outback Station
3. Walk About
4. Wallaby Track
5. Outback Legacy




Aaron Patterson, Book 1. Airel 'The Airel Saga'




Aaron Ross Powell, The Hole




Acacia Awai, Scales




Adam Rex, Cold Cereal




' Adam-Troy Castro, Andrea Cort Series '
Book 1. Emissaries From The Dead
Book 2. The Third Claw Of God
Book 3. War Of The Marionettes




Adele Ashworth, Book 2. Winter Garden 'Winter Garden Series'




‘ Aiden James, Dying Of The Dark Vampires Series ‘

Book 1. The Vampires' Last Lover

Book 2. The Vampires' Birthright

Book 3. Blood Princesses Of The Vampires




‘ Aimee Carter, Goddess Test Series ‘

Book 1. The Goddess Test

Book 2. Goddess Interrupted

Book 3. The Goddess Inheritance




‘ Alex Flinn ‘

Bewitching, The Kendra Chronicles





Alex Irvine, Pacific Rim, The Official Movie Novelization




‘Alexandra Adornetto, Halo Trilogy ’

Book 1. Halo

Book 2. Hades

Book 3. Heaven




‘ Alexandra Bracken, The Darkest Minds Series ’

Book 1. The Darkest Minds

Book 2. Never Fade

Book 3. In The Afterlight




‘ Alexandra Ivy, Guardians Of Eternity Series ‘

Book 1. When Darkness Comes

Book 2. Embrace The Darkness

Book 3. Darkness Everlasting

Book 4. Darkness Revealed

Book 5. Darkness Unleashed

Book 6. Beyond The Darkness

Book 7. Devoured By Darkness

Book 8. Bound By Darkness

Book 9. Fear The Darkness

Book 10. Darkness Avenged



Alexandra Ivy, Book 1. Born In Blood, The Sentinels Series




Alexia Purdy, Book 1. Reign Of Blood ;;Reign Of Blood Series;;




Alexia Reed, Book 1. Hunting The Shadows 'Shadow Ops Series'




Ali Sparkes, Unleashed, A Life And Death Job




Alison Kent, Book 1. The Second Chance Café, Hope Springs Series




Alix Rickloff, Dangerous Magic




‘Allie Everhart, Jade Series ’

Book 1. Choosing You




‘ Ally Condie, Matched Serie ’

Book 1. Matched

Book 2. Crossed

Book 3. Reached




‘ Allyson James, Stormwalker Series ’

Book 1. Stormwalker

Book 2. Firewalker

Book 3. Shadow Walker

Book 4. Nightwalker




‘ Alma Katsu, The Taker Trilogy ‘

Book 1. The Taker

Book 2. The Reckoning




‘ Alyson Noël, The Immortals Series ‘

Book 5. Night Star

Book 6. Everlasting



‘ Alyson Noël, The Riley Bloom Series ‘
Book 1. Radiance

Book 2. Shimmer

Book 3. Dreamland

Book 4. Whisper


Alyson Noël, Book 1. Fated 'Soul Seekers Series'




Alethea Kontis, Enchanted




Alexia Reed, Book 1. Hunting The Shadows 'Shadow Ops Series'




' Alyssa Day, Warriors Of Poseidon Series '
Book 1. Atlantis Rising
Book 2. Atlantis Awakening
Book 3. Atlantis Unleashed
Book 4. Atlantis Unmasked
Book 5. Atlantis Redeemed
Book 6. Atlantis Betrayed
Book 7. Vampire In Atlantis

Book 8. Heart Of Atlantis



Alyssa Day, Book 1. The Cursed, League Of The Black Swans Series




Alyssa Everett, Ruined By Rumor




' Alyxandra Harvey, The Drake Chronicles '
Book 1. Hearts At Stake
Book 2. Blood Feud
Book 3. Out For Blood
Book 4. Bleeding Hearts

Book 5. Blood Moon




Amalie Howard, Alpha Goddess



Amalie Howard, Book 1. Waterfell, The Aquarathi Series




‘ Amanda Ashley ‘

A Darker Dream

Deeper Than The Night

Midnight Embrace

Desire The Night

His Dark Embrace

As Twilight Falls

Embrace The Night



‘ Amanda Ashley, The Everlasting Series ‘

Book 1. Everlasting Kiss
Book 2. Everlasting Desire


‘ Amanda Ashley, Bound Series ‘

Book 1. Bound By Night
Book 2. Bound By Blood




‘ Amanda Carlson, Jessica McClain Series ‘

Book 1. Full Blooded

Book 2. Hot Blooded

Book 3. Cold Blooded




' Amanda Hocking, My Blood Approves Series '
Book 1. My Blood Approves
Book 2. Fate
Book 3. Flutter
Wisdom & Letters To Elise, A Novella



' Amanda Hocking, The Trylle Trilogy '
Book 1. Switched
Book 2. Torn
Book 3. Ascend



' Amanda Hocking, The Hollows Series '
Book 1. Hollowland
Book 2. Hollowmen




‘ Amanda Quick, Ladies Of Lantern Street Series ‘

Book 1. Crystal Gardens

Book 2. The Mystery Woman


‘ Amanda Quick, Arcane Society ‘

Book 1. Second Sight
Book 4. The Third Circle



‘ Amanda Quick ‘

Otherwise Engaged

Garden Of Lies




' Amanda Stevens, The Graveyard Queen Series '
Book 1. The Restorer
Book 2. The Kingdom
Book 3. The Prophet



Amanda Stevens, The Dollmaker




Ambelin Kwaymullina, Book 1. The Interrogation Of Ashala Wolf `The Tribe Series'




‘ Amber Kizer, Fenestra Series ‘

Book 1. Meridian

Book 2. Wildcat Fireflies




Amie Kaufman, Meagan Spooner, Book 1. These Broken Stars 'Starbound Series'




' Amy Blankenship, Blood Bound Series '
Book 1. Moon Dance
Book 3. Dangerous Things
Book 4. Heat




Amy Christine Parker, Gated




Amy Kathleen Ryan, Book 1. Glow 'Sky Chasers Series'




' Amy Plum, Revenants Series '
Book 1. Die For Me

Book 2. Until I Die

Book 3. If I Should Die




‘ Amy Tintera, Reboot Series ‘

Book 1. Reboot

Book 2. Rebel




' Andrea Cremer, Nightshade Series '

Rift, Prequel
Book 1. Nightshade
Book 2. Wolfsbane
Book 3. Bloodrose



Andrea Cremer & David Levithan, Invisibility




Andrea J. Buchanan, Gift




‘ Andrew Fukuda, The Hunt Series ‘

Book 1. The Hunt

Book 2. The Prey




Angela Campbell, Cry Wolf




Angela Highland, Book 1. Valor Of The Healer `Rebels Of Adalonia Trilogy`




‘ Angela Knight

Book 1. Master Of The Night, Mageverse Series

The Dhampir




‘ Angie Fox, Book Demon Slayer Series ‘

1. The Accidental Demon Slayer
2. The Dangerous Book For Demon Slayers




Ann Christopher, Deadly Desires




‘ Ann Lethbridge, Rakes In Disgrace Series ’

Book 1. The Gamekeeper's Lady
Book 2. More Than A Mistress




Ann Mayburn, Book 1. Exquisite Trouble ,;Iron Horse MC Series,;




‘ Anna Abner, Dark Caster Series ‘

Book 1. Spell Of Summoning

Book 2. Spell Of Binding




‘Anna Banks, Syrena Legacy Series ’

Book 1. Of Poseidon

Book 2. Of Triton

Book 3. Of Neptune



‘ Anna Carey, Eve Trilogy ’

Book 1. Eve
Book 2. Once




Anna Keesey, Little Century




Anna Leigh Keaton, Madison Layle, Falke's Captive




Anna Sheehan, A Long, Long Sleep




' Anna Zaires, Twist Me Series '

Book 1. After

Book 2. After We Collided




' Anna Zaires, Twist Me Series '

Book 1. Twist Me

Book 2. Keep Me
Book 3. Hold Me




Anne Bishop, Dreams Made Flesh



' Anne Bishop, Ephemera Series '
Book 1. Sebastian
Book 2. Belladonna
Book 3. Bridge Of Dreams




Anne Gracie, Book 1. The Autumn Bride 'Chance Sisters Series'




Anne Kane, Book 4. Captive Heart 'Dragonkin Series'



' Anne Kane, Shifting Priorities Series '
Book 1. Mating Ritual
Book 2. Mating Dance




Anne Lyle, Book 1. The Alchemist Of Souls 'Night's Masque Trilogy'




Anne Mallory, Three Nights Of Sin




Anne Marsh, Book 1. Bond With Me 'The Fallen Series'




Anne Rice, Interview With The Vampire



Anne Rice, Book 2. The Wolves Of Midwinter, The Wolf Gift Chronicles



Anne Rice, Book 11. Prince Lestat 'The Vampire Chronicles'




' Anne Stuart, Ice Series '

Book 1. Black Ice

Book 2. Cold As Ice

Book 3. Ice Blue

Book 4. Ice Storm

Book 5. Fire And Ice

Book 6. On Thin Ice



' Anne Stuart, The House Of Rohan Series '
Book 2. Reckless
Book 3. Breathless




Annie Bellet, Book 1. A Heart In Sun And Shadow 'Chwedl Trilogy'



‘ Annie Bellet, Gryphonpike Chronicles Novella's ‘

1. Witch Hunt

2. Twice Drowned Dragon

3. A Stone's Throw




Annie Burrows, Book 1. The Earl’s Untouched Bride 'The Fawley's Series'




Annie Dillard, The Living, Norah Lofts, Pargeters, Sandra Benjamin, Sicily




Anouk Markovits, I Am Forbidden




‘ Anthony Francis, Skindancer Series ‘

Book 1. Frost Moon

Book 2. Blood Rock




‘ Aprilynne Pike, Earthbound Series ‘

Book 1. Earthbound

Book 2. Earthquake



Aprilynne Pike, Book 4. Destined 'Wings Series'




Ariana Franklin & Samantha Norman, The Siege Winter




‘ Arianne Richmonde, The Pearl Trilogy ’

Book 1. Forty Shades Of Pearl

Book 2. Shadows Of Pearl

Book 3. Shimmers Of Pearl




Arwen Elys Dayton, Resurrection





Bailey Cates, Book 1. Brownies And Broomsticks 'A Magical Bakery Mystery'




‘ Barbra Annino, Stacy Justice Mystery Series ‘

Book 1. Opal Fire

Book 2. Bloodstone

Book 3. Tiger's Eye

Book 4. Emerald Isle




Barbara Longley, Heart Of The Druid Laird



‘ Barbara Longley, Perfect, Indiana Series ‘

Book 1. Far From Perfect

Book 2. The Difference A Day Makes




‘ Bec McMaster, London Steampunk Series ‘

Book 1. Kiss Of Steel

Book 2. Heart Of Iron




‘ Becca Fitzpatrick, Hush, Hush Saga ‘

Book 1. Hush, Hush

Book 2. Crescendo

Book 3. Silence

Book 4. Finale




‘ Bella Jewel, Til Death Series ‘

Book 1. 'Til Death, Volume One

Book 2. 'Til Death, Volume Two




Ben H. Winters, Sense & Sensibility & Sea Monsters




Bertrice Small, Book 6. Bond Of Passion 'The Border Chronicles'




Beth Bernobich, Fox And Phoenix 'The Lóng City Series'




‘ Beth Fantaskey, Jessica Series ‘

Book 1. Jessica's Guide To Dating On The Dark Side
Book 2. Jessica Rules The Dark Side




‘ Beth Revis, Across The Universe Trilogy ‘

Book 2. A Million Suns

Book 3. Shades Of Earth




Betty McInnes, Lady On The Loch




Beverly Barton, Book 1. Dead By Midnight 'The Dead By Trilogy'




Beverly Jenkins, Night Hawk




Blythe Gifford, In the Master's Bed




Bonnie Lamer, Book 1. True Of Blood, Witch Fairy Series




Brenda Jackson, Temptation, 'Texas Cattleman's Club, Showdown'




Brenda Joyce, Seduction 'The Spymaster's Men Novel'




Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson, Sisterhood Of Dune 'Dune Series'




Brian Keene, 1. The Rising, 2. City Of The Dead 'The Rising Series'




Brian M. Litfin, Book 2. The Gift 'Chiveis Trilogy'




‘ Brodi Ashton. Everneath Series ‘

Book 1. Everneath

Book 2. Everbound

Book 3. Evertrue




‘ Buffi BeCraft ’

2 For The Show

Pack Of 3




C. C. Hunter, Shadow Falls Series

Book 1. Born At Midnight

Book 2. Awaken At Dawn

Book 3. Taken At Dusk

Book 4. Whispers At Moonrise

Book 5. Chosen At Nightfall




C. Dulaney, Roads Less Traveled, The Plan 'Vol 1'




' C. E. Murphy, The Walker Papers Series '
Book 1. Urban Shaman
Book 2. Thunderbird Falls
Book 3. Coyote Dreams
Book 4. Walking Dead
Book 5. Demon Hunts
Book 6. Spirit Dances
Book 7. Raven Calls

Book 8. Mountain Echoes



' C. E. Murphy, The Negotiator Trilogy '
Book 1. Heart Of Stone
Book 2. House Of Cards
Book 3. Hands Of Flame



C. E. Murphy, Book 1. The Queen's Bastard, Inheritors' Cycle Series




‘ C. J. Archer, Lord Hawkesbury's Players ‘

Book  1. Her Secret Desire

Book  2. Scandal's Mistress




‘ C. K. Crigger, The Gunsmith Series ‘

Book 1. The Gunsmith

Book 2. Shadow Soldier

Book 3. Crossroad

Book 4. Six Shot



C. K. Crigger, Letter Of The Law




C. L. Anderson, Bitter Angels




' C. L. Wilson, Tairen Soul Series '
Book 1. Lord Of The Fading Lands
Book 2. Lady Of Light And Shadows
Book 3. King Of Sword And Sky
Book 4. Queen Of Song And Souls
Book 5. Crown Of Crystal Flame




' Caitlin R. Kiernan, Chance Matthews Series '
Book 1. Threshold
Book 2. Low Red Moon
Book 3. Daughter Of Hounds




Caitlin Kittredge, Book 2. The Nightmare Garden 'The Iron Codex Trilogy'




Candace Bowen Early, Book 1. Spur Of The Moment 'Bronwyn Chase Series'




‘ Caragh M. O'Brien, Birthmarked Trilogy ‘

Book 1. Birthmarked

Book 2. Prized

Book 3. Promised




‘Carly Phillips, Dare Too Love Series ‘

Book 1. Dare To Love

Book 2. Dare To Desire

Book 3. Dare To Surrender

Book 4. Dare To Submit




Caridad Piñeiro, The Vampire's Consort




Carla Cassidy, Mercenary's Perfect Mission




' Caitlin R. Kiernan, Chance Matthews Series '
Books 1. The Spirit Lens
Book 2. The Soul Mirror
Book 3. The Daemon Prism




Carla Cassidy, Mercenary's Perfect Mission




' Carol Berg, Collegia Magica Series '
Book 1. The Spirit Lens
Book 2. The Soul Mirror
Book 3. The Daemon Prism




Carney Dee, Hunger Aroused




Cate Tiernan, Darkness Falls




Charlotte Bingham, The Magic Hour




‘ Carol L. Dennis ‘

Dragon's Knight
Dragon's Pawn




' Carolyn Crane, Disillusionists Trilogy '
Book 1. Mind Games
Book 2. Double Cross
Book 3. Head Rush




' Carrie Jones, Need Series '
Book 1. Need
Book 2. Captivate
Book 3. Entice

Book 4. Endure




' Carrie Vaughn, The Kitty Norville Series '
Book 1. Kitty And The Midnight Hour
Book 2. Kitty Goes To Washington
Book 3. Kitty Takes A Holiday
Book 4. Kitty And The Silver Bullet
Book 5. Kitty And The Dead Man's Hand
Book 6. Kitty Raises Hell
Book 7. Kitty's House Of Horrors
Book 8. Kitty Goes To War
Book 9. Kitty's Big Trouble
Book 10. Kitty Steals The Show

Book 11. Kitty Rocks The House

Book 12. Kitty In The Underworld

Book 13. Low Midnight
Kitty's Greatest Hits ‘Collection Short Stories'



Carrie Vaughn, Discord's Apple




‘ Cassandra Clare, The Infernal Devices Series ‘

Book 1, Clockwork Angel

Book 2, The Clockwork Prince

Book 3, The Clockwork Princess



' Cassandra Clare, The Mortal Instruments Series '
Book 1. City Of Bones
Book 2. City Of Ashes
Book 3. City Of Glass
Book 4. City Of Fallen Angels
Book 5. City Of Lost Souls

Book 6. City Of Heavenly Fire




Cassandra Rose Clarke, Book 1. The Assassin's Curse 'The Assassin's Curse Series'


Cassandra Rose Clarke, The Mad Scientist's Daughter




‘ Cassie Alexander, The Edie Spence Series ‘

Book 1. Nightshifted

Book 2. Moonshifted




' Cat Adams, Blood Singer Series '
Book 1. Blood Song
Book 2. Siren Song
Book 3. Demon Song
Book 4. The Isis Collar

Book 5. The Eldritch Conspiracy




Catherine Anderson, Here To Stay




Catherine Asaro, The Veiled Web




Catherine Bybee, Book 1. Wife By Wednesday `The Weekday Brides Series`




Catherine Coulter, Prince Of Ravenscar



' Catherine Coulter, Magic Trilogy '
Book 1. Midsummer Magic
Book 2. Calypso Magic
Book 3. Moonspun Magic



' Catherine Coulter, Medieval Song Series '
Book 1. Warrior's Song

Book 2. Fire Song

Book 3. Earth Song

Book 4. Secret Song

Book 5. Rosehaven

Book 6. The Penwyth Curse

Book 7. The Valcourt Heiress



Catherine Coulter, Book 1. Evening Star 'Star Quartet Series



Catherine Coulter, Book 1. The Offer 'Baron Series`



Catherine Coulter & J. T. Ellison, Book 1. The Final Cut 'A Brit In The FBI Series`




Catherine Fisher, Book 2. The Lost Heiress 'Relic Master'




Catherine Snodgrass, Book 2. The Marriage Committee 'Texas Brides'




Cathy Marie Hake, Serendipity




‘ Cathy Maxwell, The Chattan Curse Series ‘

Book 1. Lyon's Bride

Book 2. The Scottish Witch

Book 3. The Devil's Heart



Cathy Maxwell, Book 4. His Christmas Pleasure 'Scandals & Seductions'




Cayla Kluver, Book 2. Allegiance 'Legacy Series'




‘ Cecilia Grant, Blackshear Family Series ’

Book 1. A Lady Awakened
Book 2. A Gentleman Undone

Book 3. A Woman Entangled




Cerece Rennie Murphy, Book 1. Order Of The Seers, Order Of The Seers Series




Chandler McGrew, Crossroads




‘ Chantal Fernando, Maybe Series ’

Book 1. Maybe This Time

Book 2. This Time Around

Book 3. Time Will Tell




Charisma Knight, Soul Seduction




‘ Charlaine Harris, Sookie Stackhouse, Southern Vampire Series ‘

Book 1. Dead Until Dark

Book 2. Living Dead In Dallas

Book 3. Club Dead

Book 4. Dead To The World

Book 5. Dead As A Doornail

Book 6. Definitely Dead

Book 7. All Together Dead

Book 8. From Dead To Worse

Book 9. Dead And Gone

Book 10. Dead In The Family

Book 11. Dead Reckoning

Book 12. Deadlocked

Book 13. Dead Ever

The Sookie Stackhouse Companion

A Touch Of Dead, The Complete Stories

Death's Excellent Vacation, Anthology



Charlaine Harris, Book 1. Midnight Crossroad ;:Midnight, Texas Series:;




Charles McCarry, The Bride Of The Wilderness




' Charlie Huston, Joe Pitt Series '
Already Dead
No Dominion
Half The Blood Of Brooklyn
Every Last Drop
My Dead Body




' Charlotte Featherstone, The Brethren Guardians Series '
Book 1. Seduction & Scandal
Book 2. Pride & Passion
Book 3. Temptation & Twilight



Charlotte Featherstone, Book 1. Lust 'Sins And The Virtues Series'

‘ Charlotte Featherstone, Addicted Series ‘

Book 1. Addicted

Book 2. Sinful




‘ Chelsea Fine, The Archers Of Avalon Series ‘

Book 1. Anew

Book 2. Awry

Book 3. Avow




Cherrie Lynn, Book 1. Unleashed 'Ross Siblings Series`




Chevy Stevens, Never Knowing




' Chloe Neill, Chicagoland Vampires Series '
Book 1. Some Girls Bite
Book 2. Friday Night Bites
Book 3. Twice Bitten
Book 4. Hard Bitten
Book 5. Drink Deep
Book 6. Biting Cold

Book 7. House Rules

Book 8. Biting Bad

Book 9. Wild Things

Book 10. Blood Games

Book 11. Dark Debt




Chris Ould, Street Duty, Knock Down




‘ Chrissy Peebles, The Ruby Ring Saga '
Book 1. Eternal Vows
Book 2. Eternal Destiny

Book 3. Eternal Fire

Book 4. Eternal Faith

Book 5. Eternal Bloom



‘ Chrissy Peebles, The Crush Saga '
Book 1. Crush

Book 2. Crash



‘ Chrissy Peebles, Books 1 - 8’ Agartha's Castaway, Trapped In The Hollow Earth Novelette '



' Christina Dodd, Darkness Chosen Series '
Book 1. Scent Of Darkness
Book 2. Touch Of Darkness
Book 3. Into The Shadow
Book 4. Into the Flame



' Christina Dodd, The Chosen Ones Series '
Book 1. Storm Of Visions
Book 3. Chains Of Ice



‘ Christina Dodd, Lost Texas Hearts ‘
2. Almost Like Being In Love

3. Close To You


Christina Dodd, Book 2. One Kiss from You 'Switching Places Series'



‘ Christina Dodd, Fortune Hunter Series ‘

Book 3. Thigh High
Book 4. Danger In A Red Dress




‘ Christina Henry, Black Wings Series ‘
Book 1. Black Wings

Book 2. Black Night




‘ Christina Lauren, Beautiful Bastard Series ’

Book 1. Beautiful Bastard

Book 2. Beautiful Stranger

Book 3. Beautiful Player

Book 4. Beautiful Secret

Beautiful Bitch, Novella

Beautiful Bombshell, Novella



‘ Christina Lauren, Wild Seasons Series ‘

Book 1. Sweet Filthy Boy

Book 2. Dirty Rowdy Thing




Christine Amsden, Book 1. Cassie Scot `ParaNormal Detective, Cassie Scot Series`




Christine Coppa, Rattled!, A Memoir




Christine Danse, Beauty In The Beast




' Christine Feehan, Dark Series '
Book 1. Dark Prince

Book 2. Dark Desire

Book 3. Dark Gold

Book 4. Dark Magic

Book 5. Dark Challenge

Book 6. Dark Fire

Book 7. Dark Dream

Book 8. Dark Legend

Book 9. Dark Guardian

Book 10. Dark Symphony

Book 11. Dark Descent

Book 12. Dark Melody

Book 13. Dark Destiny

Book 14. Dark Hunger

Book 15. Dark Secret

Book 16. Dark Demon

Book 17. Dark Celebration

Book 18. Dark Possession

Book 19. Dark Curse

Book 20. Dark Slayer

Book 21. Dark Peril
Book 22. Dark Predator

Book 23. Dark Storm

Book 24. Dark Lycan

Book 25. Dark Wolf

Book 26. Dark Blood

Dark Nights, Dark Carpathian Novella’s



' Christine Feehan, GhostWalkers Series '
Book 1. Shadow Game
Book 2. Mind Game
Book 3. Night Game
Book 4. Conspiracy Game
Book 5. Deadly Game
Book 6. Predatory Game
Book 7. Murder Game
Book 8. Street Game
Book 9. Ruthless Game
Book 10. Samurai Game

Book 11. Viper Game



' Christine Feehan, Drake Sister Series '
Book 1. Magic In The Wind

Book 2. The Twilight Before Christmas

Book 3. Oceans Of Fire

Book 4. Dangerous Tides

Book 5. Safe Harbor



‘ Christine Feehan, Sisters Of The Heart Series ’

Book 1. Water Bound

Book 2. Spirit Bound

Book 3. Air Bound



‘ Christine Feehan, Leopard Series ‘

Book 1. The Awakening

Book 2. Wild Rain

Book 3. Burning Wild

Book 4. Wild Fire

Book 5. Savage Nature

Book 6. Leopard's Prey



Christine Feehan, Lair Of The Lion




' Christine Warren, The Others Series '
Book 1. Wolf At The Door
Book 2. She's No Faerie Princess
Book 3. The Demon You Know
Book 4. Howl At The Moon
Book 5. Walk On The Wild Side
Book 6. One Bite With A Stranger
Book 7. You're So Vein
Book 8. Big Bad Wolf
Book 9. Born To Be Wild
Book 10. Prince Charming Doesn't Live Here
Book 11. Black Magic Woman
Book 12. Not Your Ordinary Faerie Tale

Book 13. Walk On The Wild Side

Book 14. You're So Vein

Book 15. Born To Be Wild



‘ Christine Warren, Gargoyles Series ‘

Book 1. Heart Of Stone

Book 2. Stone Cold Lover




' Christoper Moore, Love Story Novels '
Book 1. Bloodsucking Fiends
Book 2. You Suck
Book 3. Bite Me




' Christopher Paolini, The Inheritance Cycle '
Book 1. Eragon
Book 2. Eldest
Book 3. Brisingr
Book 4. Inheritance




' Chuck Wendig, Miriam Black Series '
Book 1. Blackbirds
Book 2. Mockingbird


Chuck Wendig, Book 1. Under The Empyrean Sky 'The Heartland Trilogy'



Chuck Wendig, Book 1. The Blue Blazes `Mookie Pearl Series`




‘ Cindy M. Hogan, The Watched Trilogy ’

Book 1. Watched

Book 2. Protected




‘ Cindy Spencer Pape, Urban Arcana Series ‘

Book 1. Motor City Fae

Book 2. Motor City Witch

Book 3. Motor City Wolf

Book 4. Motor City Mage




‘ Clay & Susan Griffith, Vampire Empire Trilogy ‘

Book 1. The Greyfriar

Book 2. The Rift Walker




‘ Clive Barker, Abarat Series ‘

Book 1. Abarat
Book 2. Days Of Magic, Nights Of War
Book 3. Absolute Midnight




Colleen Coble, Book 1. Tidewater Inn 'Hope Beach Series'




' Colleen Gleason, Regency Draculia Series '
Book 1. The Vampire Voss
Book 2. The Vampire Dimitri
Book 3. The Vampire Narcise



Colleen Gleason, Book 1. The Clockwork Scarab `Stoker & Holmes Series'



‘ Colleen Gleason, Joss Ware, Envy Chronicles ‘

Book 1. Beyond The Night

Book 2. Embrace The Night




Colleen Helme, Songbird



‘ Colleen Helme, Shelby Nichols Adventure Series ‘

Book 1. Carrots

Book 2. Fast Money

Book 3. Lie Or Die

Book 4. Secrets That Kill



Colleen Helme, Book 1. Flame Of Destiny :;Flame Of Destiny Series;:




' Colleen Houck, The Tiger Saga '
Book 1. Tiger's Curse
Book 2. Tiger's Quest
Book 3. Tiger's Voyage

Book 4. Tiger's Destiny




Collin Earl, Chris Snelgrove, Harmonics, Rise Of The Magician, Vol




‘ Coreene Callahan, Dragonfury Series ‘

Book 1. Fury Of Fire

Book 2. Fury Of Ice

Book 3. Fury Of Seduction

Book 4. Fury Of Desire

Book 5. Fury Of Obsession



‘ Coreene Callahan, Dragonfury Series ‘

Book 1. Knight Awakened

Book 2. Knight Avenged



Coreene Callahan, Book 1. Warrior's Revenge, Warriors Of The Realm Series




' Courtney Milan, Turner Series '
Book 1. Unveiled
Book 2. Unclaimed
Book 3. Unraveled
Unlocked, A Turner Novella



‘ Courtney Milan, Carhart Series ’

This Wicked Gift, Prequel

Book 1. Proof By Seduction

Book 2. Trial By Desire




Craig Dilouie, Tooth And Nail




Crista McHugh, The Alchemy Of Desire




Crystal Green, The Ultimate Bite




Crystal Jordan, Wicked




' Cynthia Eden, Deadly Series '
Book 1. Deadly Fear
Book 2. Deadly Heat
Book 3. Deadly Lies

' Cynthia Eden, Night Watch Series '

Book 1. Eternal Hunter

Book 2. I'll Be Slaying You

Book 3. Eternal Flame

Book 4. Never Cry Wolf

' Cynthia Eden, Montlake Suspense Series '
Book 1. Die For Me, The Valentine Killer

Book 2. Fear For Me, The Bayou Butcher

‘ Cynthia Eden, Shadow Agents Series ‘

Book 1. Alpha One

Book 2. Guardian Ranger

Book 4. Glitter And Gunfire




' Cynthia Hand, Unearthly Series '
Book 1. Unearthly

Book 2. Hallowed
Book 3. Boundless




Cynthia Justlin, Edge Of Light

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